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Direct4x4 Expedition Shower Curtain

Great addition to our over landing set up. Awesome quality fold out shower curtain.

Easy to setup overland privacy tent that can be set up quickly, just unzip the waterproof bag, pull out the 2 supports and it is ready to use.

The straps can be extended to the length you want it to and there a 4 pegging points that can be used at the bottom. There are storage pockets for your toiletries inside which I found really useful.

Access is from a zip at the side and there is also an opening against the vehicle which is great to grab your towels or clothing. Essential piece of kit for overlanding and camping. Quality privacy tent at a great price.

  • Premium quality weatherproof ripstop polyester

  • 1000D PVC charcoal waterproof cover bag

  • Comes with 2 L-shaped brackets and all fixings required

  • Various colours to choose - Sand, Grey or Green

  • Fits universally to most roof racks or roof crossbars.

  • Open dimensions: Length=100cm (39.37 inches), Width=100cm (39.37 inch), Height=158cm (62.2 inch).

  • Closed dimensions: Length=110cm (43.3 inch), Width=10cm (3.94 inch), Height=13cm (5.12 inch)

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