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O.R.E. Wheel Carrier

One of my favorite pieces of kit on the Landy

The unit removes all the weight of the rear door enabling you to attach bags and storage holders to the inside and outside of the door without having to worry about putting extra load to the door hinges.

The bracket is so strong on the spare tyre.

When travelling over bumpy terrain there is no rattle, due to the clever engineering and quality materials used.

The installation is simple using the existing holes in the rear cross member and door.


After 6 months of design and development and a further 18 months on test! At last, a true single point wheel carrier for the defender!

It's well known that the Defender rear doors show signs of stress with the weight of the spare wheel on the door.​

The ORE wheel carrier works with all defenders with the standard rear doors for either early and late models.


There is no drilling required as the design has been developed around existing fixing points on the standard rear cross members and early and late doors.

The wheel carrier takes all the weight of your spare wheel while maintaining the functionality of the rear door.


There is a small linkage which connects the door to the arm thus allowing the door to move the arm for convenience whilst no load is transferred in the closed or open positions.


This unique design incorporates automotive grade bearings that can greased via the grease nipple.

The head is adjustable to accommodate tyre sizes from 235 to over 285 and the most common wheel offsets.


The ORE design team have spent thousands of hours on this project to bring you this heavy duty single point wheel carrier.


Manufactured and designed in the UK

Designed to high tolerances (0.02mm)

Exceptional standards of quality.

The black powder coating undergoes the same

treatments as British Tank Armour!

Screenshot_2021-02-20 Installing the O R

For an in depth installation, Check out the video from Borris The Defender on Youtube

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