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Petromax Coolbox

Petromax 25l Cool box

Perfect for my overland travel, roadtrips and campouts.

The coolbox enables us to keep our perishables chilled for 10+ days

The Petromax cooler is very robust with great latches and seals.

I have added the slip resistance adhesive pad which is a custom fit and is UV, temperature and weather-resistant.



Another gereat addition the I have added is the padded seat cushion.

The material is durable and dirt-resistant and any marks can be wiped off with a damp cloth.


This attaches with 4 poppers.

The poppers need to be screwed in to the four factory embedded depressions in the lid of the cool box The matching counterparts for the press studs are screwed one-by-one into the depressions within the lid of the Cool Box (position the screws at the centrical marking points).


The slip resistant pad and cushion seat enable the cooler to be used as a table worktop and a comfy seat.

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The coolbox enables us to keep our perishables chilled for 10+ days

We cool the box the night before we set off with ice blocks and then load our frozen and chilled foods into the box. I prefer to use frozen food items, milk or drinks rather than ice or ice blocks as this can be used later in the trip as it defrosts.

I usually fill the box with frozen meals at the bottom and chilled food on the top, which we use first and as items defrost we can then use them.

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Why not a compressor fridge?


I chose the cooler over a compressor fridge mainly for these reasons:

I can leave the coolbox outside of my rig even in the rain. This is especially great as it can free up space in my vehicle when camping.

The coolbox is way more portable than a compression fridge and I can move it away from the vehicle ie – when I go fishing

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I really love the colour.

The olive green really blends into my outdoor lifestyle.

The cooler also comes in white or sand colour. Also available in different sizes – 50l or 75l.

The 25 litre is a great size for the landrover as it fits neatly into our footwell and also the doubles up as extra seating inside when at camp.


The 25l size holds enough food for the 2 of us for around 10 days.

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There are may features on the coolbox


Keeps cool up to 12 days

PU insulation.

Integrated handles

Drainage system for melting water.

Lashing points & belt guides.

Robust design with non-slip rubber feet

Lid with non-slip surface for a raised stand or seat

Belt guides for closed transport

Reinforced locking plates for additional U-lock securing

Non-slip rubber latches (one-hand operation)

Non-slip rubber feet for a secure stand and circulation of air on the bottom side


Outer dimensions: 58 x 45 x 40.5cm

Weight (kg): 10.75

  • Petromax Tips for cooling

  • Prior to use cool down the Cool Box in a cold room or with ice

  • Only stock with pre-cooled beverages or food

  • Rather choose large ice blocks: The larger the surface, the shorter the cooling time

  • Always place dry ice, cold packs or ice on top, as cold sinks downwards

  • Limit the opening of the cool box in order to achieve an optimal cooling performance

  • When on the way store the box at a cool, shady place and out of direct sunlight

  • Store and transport only in upright position

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