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Olight Perun 2 Head Torch

Screenshot_2021-02-19 Bushwacker Man - O

A trusty, well made, high quality torch.

Amazing battery life and re-charging capabilities.

Variable light modes which enables you to operate hands free in any situation.

The torch offers great fixing to any magnetic surface as the base has a powerful magnet.

A massive 2500 lumens you can light up any situation whilst overlanding, working on your vehicle, setting up, camp cooking, collecting and processing fire wood.

I also use this torch as an extra light source whilst driving in the woodland or dark camp areas by attaching the torch via the magnet to the front of my vehicle.

The other great feature is the 2 amp fast charger that attaches to the base of the torch.

Illuminate the darkness with the Perun 2.

Tried and Tested.

Olight make great torches and it is my favorite brand.

The Perun 2, in my opinion, is a must for any overland trip.

It gives you peace of mind knowing you have a torch you can rely on and wont let you down.

  • Max 2500 lumens: Olight's No.1 performance head torch

  • Built-in proximity sensor to dim brightness

  • Low battery warning, vibrates when battery power<10%

  • Multifunctional! includes headband, pocket clip, landyard & magnetic base

Screenshot_2021-02-19 Bushwacker Man - O
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