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Jackery Explorer 500

The Jackery 500 explorer is a plug and play portable system which charges from my solar panel, mains and car cigarette lighter port, with all the plug-in charge points on the front of the unit.

The system enables you to charge all your 12v and 240v appliances on the road which enables you to explore more of the Great Outdoors.

Save money by eliminating the install costs of a split charges system and inverter in your vehicle which is costly and time consuming to install this kind of system.

The unit is light and portable so you can also use the power generator in your home, tent, garage and workshop.


The impressive 500watt inverter you can use  appliances in the home or on the road enabling you to live an off grid lifestyle. Less bills and more freedom!

Using the Jackery has enabled me to be a free spirit in my land rove, not having to worry about power for charging my batteries for filming videos.

When the sun is shining I can charge with the solar panel and still draw power to charge my gear at the same time.



In my opinion if you have the money and are looking for a robust portable power generator for overlanding then this system I give top marks.


LED lighting on the side,

Press for 2 seconds and the light will signal SOS



  • Portable Power Station Explore 500 Battery Capacity: 518Wh (24Ah, 21.6V)

  • 1*AC Output: 1*230V, 500W (1000W peak)

  • Car Port: DC 12V, 10A

  • 3*USB-A port:5V, 2.4A

  • 2*6.5mm*1.4mm DC outputs: 12V, 7A( for DIY)

  • Input: 8mm DC, 12V~30V (100W Max)

  • Dimensions: 11.8*7.6*9.2in

  • Weight: 13.3lbs


PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet (230V 500W, 1000W Peak)

Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station provides stable power to a wide range of AC-reliant devices.

Standard 12V/10A carport and 3*5V/2.4A USB ports power.


Using MPPT technology, it can support the charging of all solar panels. It provides temperature protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overpower protection and overcharge protection to ensure device safety.


The solar panel has 2 USB points on the back to charge direct

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