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Iurek Heated Jacket

Men's Detachable Hood Heated Jacket


Great heated hooded jacket by Iurek which is also water resistant and windproof.

Great for overlanding as you dont need to take loads of layers with you, just a base layer in the winter.

The jacket has 3 heat modes, low, medium and high.

Press the button for about 3 seconds and the red light flashes to let you know it is heating up. Once it has reached the high temperature it stops flashing. You can then press again to lower the heat if you are too hot.

The power pack slips into the inside pocket and attaches to the heating element. The pack has a 7.4V 10000mAh battery that last up to 10 hours of heat in low heat mode. Also, it can power your smartphone and other electric devices.

Whilst charging the indicator on the power pack illuminates the percentage of charge.

The Heating Elements have Short-Circuit Protection and Overheated Protection.

lurek jacket.jpg

The jacket is a fleece lined including the pockets.

The cuffs are adjustable by the velcro tabs.

Zips are YKK which are really smooth running.

The jacket is also machine washable.

Heat levels (100°F)/Medium (113°F)/High(131°F)

lurek zips.png
lurek jacket a.jpg
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